Still don’t have a definitive schedule on the surgery, as they are trying to get me in this coming Friday if they can do so. As a result, I’m moving fast to get as much done as I can in case it is this Friday.

My original plan was simple. I was going to clean and dust a bit, make sure I had some food put aside, and other reasonable things. Yeah, right.

The lite cleaning and dusting turned into major cleaning and minor re-arrangement of the room. Which, in turn, has led to re-organizing the shelves/pantry in the closet. To the point the strategic hot sauce reserve is now in order of best-by date. Putting the bookcase off to last, as it is a total disaster to be honest.

Nor has the bathroom been spared. Which ties into the refrigerator. Before the move to this location, one of the renters who rented a room was an interesting fellow I will call TJ for now. Pretty sure on the spectrum and a germaphobe, which made what he did to the refrigerator all the more weird. Short version is that I got the produce drawer and lower shelf out and got them cleaned in my shower. I got the bottom of the refrigerator clean by scraping it and sweeping out the debris. Which led to my shower getting rather thoroughly cleaned given the status of the lower shelf and produce drawer. On top of that, the shower massage died so had to get a new one and install it.

In addition to that, have been updating medical info, trying to figure out what I need to get now or put off, and generally get ready for a few weeks of unpleasantness. Got a baker’s dozen hamburgers cooked and individually frozen. Have some other meals frozen, and am working to get a bit more done before things happen no matter when they happen. Have been told that the first two weeks are the roughest, so trying to make sure I have easy-to-heat stuff ready to go. Waiting for my monthly payment so I can order some supplements and related. Pharmacy already has me stocked on actual prescription items, though I suspect more are to come.

Also, cleaned the little microwave out in the common area here in the basement. Want it clean and ready to go as I suspect I may not be keen on climbing up the stairs to get to the kitchen the first day or three after surgery. Oh, that’s right, I cleaned and re-organized my small bar as well while doing all this as well. Bar needs serious re-stocking, but is good to go for now since I will not be using it while on the good painkillers.

It’s been interesting as each project leads to multiple others to get ready. Especially as I want home health care to have nothing to complain about. Really not thrilled to have them come in, but also know they are probably going to be needed that first week.

So, that’s what is going on and why the free ice cream is in short supply. More soon, I hope.