Oh The Drama

This morning has seen it. The outrage. The betrayal. The infidelity! At least according to one party.

The housemate and landlord have two cats. Really, both belong to the housemate but allegedly one is supposed to be the landlord’s cat. It should be noted that I am allergic to cats though I get along with them; and, in fairness to the landlord I should note that the cats were not his idea or desire.

Flash is a ginger, not real bright, and a determined rule breaker. He is the housemate’s cat. Cappy (my name for him, short for Capt. Neurotic) is a black and white cat who is sweet and frankly stupid, and allegedly belongs to the landlord. Cappy is also my furry little stalker, as he has declared me his designated emergency human and a permanent state of emergency.

They do not have access to my room, but do have access to the common area between my room and my restroom. This morning, coming back from the restroom, I encountered Flash who may not be feeling great. He just looked so sad as he sat upon the stair that I reached out and began rubbing his head to his delight.

I don’t know if Cappy has the basement wired, somehow heard Flash’s purr, or what. All of a sudden I heard whump whump whump of Cappy (who is a bit overweight) charging into the kitchen and to the head of the stairs. If there had been a door to be slammed open dramatically, it would have slammed as Cappy looked down at us and screamed “Cheat!” He then charged down the stairs and knocked Flash out of the way and put his head under my hand.

I do wish that I could have gotten a picture of Cappy’s face at the top of the stair. It was priceless with the mix of betrayal, outrage, and more. He got some love, and poor Flash was given a glare. Just thought I would share that.

By The Way, the Free Ice Cream shortage may continue. Looks as though my surgery may be moved up, and I need to get some things done before it. So, posting may be sporadic for the next bit.