I’ll Be In The Bunker

Not sure if there will be a “real” post today or not. We’ve already had 40-60 mph wind gusts, lightning (some close), and more this morning. Thankfully, I’m not among the thousands in the area without power. They say the worst will be coming this afternoon.

Was not a good night, and while I don’t hurt as bad as I did last Friday, bad enough. Hope this means today’s weather won’t be as bad as last week.

Be careful out there today, and if like me you are in the area where things are or could be interesting, be prepared and be safe. Have your weather alerts set up for multiple devices, have a plan, and take action at need.

UPDATE I: Zero ten hundred and the sun came out like nothing had happened. It’s as if Mother Nature was saying “Come on out, trust me!” Not a chance. We know you and it’s spring time in Indiana. About 1030, a tornado watch was issued for the area, effective immediately though next wave set to hit at noon. It’s spring, do NOT trust Mother Nature.

UPDATE II: Noon front has passed, more and worse to come. That said, right now the temps have fallen and it’s actually not bad out, at least temperature wise. Decided to go ahead and cook the hamburgers I was going to do later, just to be safe. Used the stove instead of the grill for several reasons, but have things cooling and getting ready to clean up. Meantime, set as I can be for later.