Quick Catch

Yesterday did not go smoothly or to plan. Nothing could get the car started, so had to do another tow. Parts of the hours of trying to get it started got the mechanic to pondering, so he checked over the entire system before starting any work.

Starter was toast, so new starter. Battery cables and the new battery were good, and once a new starter was on, the car started right up. Yay. Alternator was not putting out the voltage it was supposed to, which may have been part of why the old battery needed to be replaced and the starter turned into toast. So, new alternator.

A very expensive week, but worth it as I need a working vehicle, and I really need this one to make it another year, maybe two. Unless I win the lottery, then all bets are off.

As always: Be alert. Be prepared. Keep the essentials where you can find them in the dark at need.