Catching Up

Yes, I’ve been off routine. Yes, I’ve been off posting. Things have been interesting. Time to catch up a bit.

Monday was another doctor day, this time with my GP. The first time I went to see him a few years ago, we got to joking around and as a result my lab results now come with a letter grade. Monday was an A-. Most of it was very good, but my triglycerides spiked. Hopefully, it boils down to my cheating a bit on keto and getting told to stop that.

Afterwards, decided to stop by the cigar store to check up on a few people, including the person with cancer for whom I asked for prayers. Did get to meet up with them and others, and while it’s rough the cancer is being fought. Hard. Got to see another who’s been having some health issues as well, along with just some of the regulars. Good to catch up. My budget does not miss smoking my cigars, but I do really miss the camaraderie. It’s not like I smoked a lot either, but good sticks tend to not be in the $3.99 bin… 🙂

Upon attempting to leave, the car wouldn’t start. No joy on jump with the jump pack from the battery store in the shopping center. No joy on new battery I bought at said store. Finally got it jumped in the most expensive jump I’ve ever had from the tow truck that was going to haul it to the mechanic for me. Kept it going, got to a different mechanic who was recommended, and he confirmed the alternator is dead/dying and I did make it home by keeping the RPMs up above 2000 for as much of the tip as possible as that got a little juice to the battery.

Taking it to the new mechanic tomorrow to get the new alternator installed. Just finished double-checking my fluid levels and getting the new battery out so I can charge it overnight. With that, and keeping the RPMs up at or above 2000 as much as possible, hope to make it.

On top of all those joys was the horrific school shooting. I’m beyond disgusted with corporate media and others trying to make the murderer the “real” victim in all this. Also with all those doing the “Christian children slaughtered, Trans community hardest hit” bullshit. And, no, I will not say the name. No attention, no publicity, no nuthin for that miserable despicable creature. I’m still looking for confirmation that the nine-year-old girl was shot because she was trying to pull the fire alarm to summon help. No greater love. If true, shades, a warrior walks among you.

I am watching things in Russia and elsewhere. On the fighting front, the battle with the beaver has been some much needed comic relief. Great play on the Texas Ranger motto: One trenchline, One beaver. Yes, a beaver has occupied a section of trench on the front, and so far is holding it against all comers. Go Beaver!

The storage unit insurance company also contacted me. The limit on the coverage means I’m getting less than a third the value, but it will be enough (I hope) to cover the car repairs. Need the car for just a bit longer, say a year or so. That, or I need to win the lottery so I can get a truck. For the record: I would rather have Flo back than the money, but so far no joy. I’ve called metal recyclers and others, and am trying to figure out where else I should look or call.

There’s more, but those are the major points. Hope to get back to regular posting here soon.

Be alert. Be prepared. Keep the essentials where you can find them in the dark at need.