The Smell

I’m so glad my sense of smell did not take a hit from the lightning strike. Saved my bacon earlier today, well, the chicken at least.

The short-term memory issues are fun. I use routine, notes, and reminders to get things done, and my breakfast routine is focused more on being sure things are cut off, which leads to sometimes forgetting to cut burners on at the start.

Today, I wanted to cook some chicken so I can make chicken enchiladas tomorrow. So, the breast I got on sale went into a pan with green enchilada sauce and tomatillo salsa to cook at 250 for a few hours. Got to working on the previous post, forgot about the chicken, hadn’t made notes, so… Few hours later, was wondering what the landlord was cooking (he rarely does) as it smelled good. It was then that I remembered the chicken, which got about an hour or so extra time. Didn’t hurt it, didn’t dry it out, so still on to make enchiladas tomorrow.

Just a little bit of a typical day to share.