Soon, I Hope

We’re about three weeks in, and I apparently still have the bug. I am not amused. Low level, but more than annoying.

Woke up very late this morning, after sleeping ten-plus hours, exhausted. What I remember of my dreams might explain a bit of the exhaustion. They were vidid, intense, and alternated food (and food peril) with kill-or-be-killed. To let something burn despite other things going on could have terrible repercussions for myself and others (hostages?). Never mind the attacks and other hostile actions by the enemy.

Two things I would like to have from the dreams are the baby eggplant stuffed with minced (not ground) meat (lamb?) that was amazingly spiced (raisins, saffron?), and the suppressor used on one or more pistols. I also wouldn’t mind having the range-of-motion, coordination, and general athleticism from the clearly much younger body I had in the dreams. Youth truly is often wasted on our younger selves…

Woke up so late that I decided to splurge, so had breakfast at the good local Mexican restaurant. Coffee was okay, and the Huevos Rancheros were very tasty. Not keto, but really craved some comfort food this morning.

If things don’t improve, will head back to the doctor later this week. For any who missed the update yesterday, the medical billing company that has billed me for a bill already paid in full by insurance did respond to my contact. They demanded information already on file along with scans of items (including my insurance card) before any question would be answered. This seemed rather phishy to me, so declined to cooperate and contacted the state Attorney General’s office and asked them to check to see if this was legitimate or not. Given the amount of scams out there, particularly when it comes to medical debt and related…

Really do hope to get back to some serious posting here soon. Hopefully one day soon the bug will be gone and my joints won’t be on fire. Until then, be prepared and be careful out there!