I’m Back. Sorta

After ten days of antibiotics for the infection that popped up, I’m back up to about 80 percent I’d say. The disturbing thing is that elements of the bug that apparently started things are still hanging on. Not sure what is more annoying, that or the fact that some of the docs from the ER decided to bill me rather my insurance company (something else I need to take care of today). You may be hearing more about this soon.

Right now, two major things to cover this week: the bank failures and the broader picture of where things stand in regards Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic states. Before we get started, if you are one of my California readers, I hope you were/are prepared and that you and yours are okay! Between all the weather hits (snowcap record!) and the governor’s abject failure to respond to the various crises, know it is rough.

The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank is the story of the day, and the demented meat puppet should be reading what the Regency has planned even as I type this. I plan to get more into the weeds on this later, but I’m inclined to bet that more than Signature Bank and First Republic run into trouble. This is going to not only hit here, but has international implications. Aside from the British tech sector, Chinese start-ups were apparently heavily using the bank to obtain access to American and other investment. Chinese finances are reported to be far more precarious than presented by Xi and others, and it could end up bringing down what one sources has called a house-of-cards. This could get ugly quick, and has a real potential to reach fugly fast.

Hope to get something more detailed up later, but for now need to go inquire why the medical practice wants to bill me rather than the insurance company for which they have the information. Until then, keep an eye on Hot Air, Instapundit, and Twitter for good information fast.

More soon.

Update I: Ended up opting for online/e-mail communications, and hope to get a timely response to the following message: “I’m wanting to be sure that you have indeed filed with my insurance company.  Some quick questions I, and my readers may, have follow.  Is it your standard practice to demand payment before hearing back from the insurance company?  Have you heard back and the claim was denied?  If so, why was it denied and are you appealing said denial?  Is there some other issue with the insurance that you have not yet shared with me?  I look forward to your timely response.”

Update II: Trading on many (all?) bank stocks halted by NASDAQ and NYSE (is the ASE still even a thing?). HSBC bought the London branch of SVB for one pound. HSBC is not a favorite of mine. Brits may end up riding this out fairly well though as number of moves being made, will see.

Also, just checked with the insurance company and they paid the medical bill in question in full. And may have done so before I was sent the bill demanding I pay. Let’s see what they have to say…

Update III: Got an e-mail from the medical billing people a short time ago. Before they can even think about answering my questions, I need to provide them information and document scans in regards my insurance and other information they already have on file. No scans, no answers. That seemed a bit phishy to me, so I’ve requested the state AG’s office check things out to verify if this is legit or not.