We Were Just Outside Barstow

When the antibiotics began to kick in. Wow. What a rush.

Funny, despite getting really into Hunter S. Thompson in high school, never did get into recreational pharmaceuticals. My experience with such is blessedly limited, and I’m good with that. As it is, starting the antibiotics yesterday already has me feeling a small bit better, and a huge bit tired. I normally wake up by about 0500, and today slept in until almost 0800. Breakfast wasn’t until well after 0900.

Are there things I need to do today? Yep. Are they going to get done? Magic 8 Ball says not likely. Mostly see a day of rest ahead as I taper off the Ranger candy as the antibiotics take over. Thanks to the antibiotic ointment started last week, my eyes no longer look like FX from a vampire movie.

There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in the world right now, hope to get back to analyzing some of it here soon. All I can say is stay alert, be prepared, and hope for the best.

More soon.