Your Patience Is Appreciated

Sadly, I am still under the weather but things should get better soon. The last few days made it seem like things were looking to get better, but not really. Last night, it got where my throat was so raw again I had trouble swallowing. So, went to the “clinic” my GP started, which really isn’t a clinic but a way to work cases like mine into an already busy day.

To cut to the chase, no matter what the situation was last week, this week my throat is clearly raw, inflamed, and infected. So, antibiotics are now in hand, first dose taken, and I am starting to wind down my taking acetaminophen like ranger candy. My doc laughed at the latter, and wisely didn’t ask how much I was taking, just that I should now back off on it. Really glad he didn’t ask…

More soon I hope, and thank you for your patience with the lack of posting.