No, Really…

Yeah, I’m still down. Thought I might have to go back to the ER over the weekend, as literally almost could not swallow at all at one point. Taking acetaminophen like I’m on a Ranger Candy blitz and don’t want to admit to the doc how much I’m taking.

Contacting my GP and letting him know that if not better today, headed down to his clinic tomorrow. Think my landlord may have the same thing, as we are hacking and racking in stereo. I was assured last week I was not communicable, hope they are right. Really need to restock teas now as that’s a lot of what I’ve drunk since even room-temp water hurt.

More soon.

4 thoughts on “No, Really…”

  1. Take it from another doctor: If you’re coughing, sneezing, and feeling poorly, odds are you’re contagious and no one can guarantee otherwise.

    1. Heh. I don’t disagree. I was rather surprised at the return to work letter that was part of my discharge packet, but since I had a social security mandated doctor’s appointment the next day, I used it with them and they took it so we could get that done. Really hope I didn’t share. It’s been interesting, though my eyes no longer look like I’m an extra in a vampire film thanks to the antibiotic ointment. Still coughing, sneezing, etc., but today is much better than yesterday. Had planned to hit a clinic today if not better. Better, but still not great. Continuing to try not to share.

  2. Be careful with the acetaminophen, as it can do a number on your liver. This is especially true if you are consuming alcoholic beverages along with the acetaminophen.

    I knew a couple of people who regularly cured their hangover headache with Tylenol, taking something like 1500-2000 mg every hangover morning. They ended up looking for liver transplants.

    1. I’ve been less than happy with acetaminophen being the only pain relief offered given how it reacts badly to so many things, not just alcohol. Plan to talk with my GP at my regular visit at the end of the month, look for other/better options. I quit using it entirely the other day, which has been “fun” since it was helping. That said, prefer to deal with those issues than potential problems. Hopefully back in action soon. Thanks for the info!

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