Jimmy Carter: A Prayer

Normally, if I can’t say anything good about a person, I try to just keep silent. As it is, I can actually say something good about Jimmy, the feckless peanut, though not as much as I might want.

Just as the shades of Pierce, (A) Johnson, and Arthur could look at Jimmy in thanks for taking on the mantle of worst President, Jimmy can look gratefully at Dementia Joe and the Biden Regency for taking that mantle for the next 100 years (I hope we get no one worse before then).

I was born and raised in Georgia, and very briefly was involved with Carter’s campaign while still in high school. I plead the folly of youth and ignorance, and came fairly quickly to embrace my friend Strawberry’s take of ‘We decided to share the joke that was Jimmy with the world. We had no idea you bastards would take it seriously.’

The man did more damage to our military than the enemy, at least up until Obama and now the Biden Regency took up that torch. What he did to intelligence still tends to make me drop into ‘salty language’ to be polite. The damage there was even more enormous. I’m not even going to get into national malaise and all the other joys of his administration. When you add in the fact that he is a rather vile and loathsome anti-semite who still misses no chance to hurt Israel, you sorta get the picture. Indeed, the joke is the elaborate state funeral he planned (and he has) is to take place in Gaza.

Thing is, if not for Gimme, we might not have had the Reagan Restoration as it happened. In many respects, he is responsible for Boss winning and winning big, elections and more.

Where I can give him some respect and praise is in his actions as an ex-President and his work with charity. His work with Habitat for Humanity and other good works set a bar that most haven’t even tried to meet. Too much of our political class is there for the photo op, to talk, take a cut, and to let others do the work. Jimmy waded in with hammer, saw, and did real work rather that the posturing so common today. Yes, he raised money and awareness, but genuinely seemed to enjoy the labor that went with it.

Here and overseas, he made a real difference. He got his hands not just dirty, but all of him and seemed to enjoy it very much. I have to respect that, and am glad it gives me something good to say about him as his time here grows short. As I hope others will do for me one day, I will pray for God to forgive him his sins and any other transgressions, I will pray for his soul, and I will give thanks that the charities involved will hopefully go on and continue to do good in the world. May his passing be peaceful and may God’s mercy be on all he leaves behind.