Book Review: In Defense Of The Second Amendment

There are books. Then there are books that truly do break new ground and dance a flamenco on the bloviating pontifications of pundits, media, and academia. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the literary equivalent of Jose Greco reducing a pile of bloviation to a layer about a nanometer thick.

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In Defense of the Second Amendment

In Defense of the Second Amendment is not your normal gun/gun rights book. It is a long-overdue breath of fresh air that take the false arguments and tropes of the anti-gun authoritarians, lists them, and then demolishes them one by one, fact by fact. It truly is a new take, and a much needed take that arms you to deal with those tropes and actions.

Unsurprisingly, Larry has created a fast moving, even fun, read with this book. While it is easy and enjoyable to read, it is in no way, shape, or form a lite read. The citations provided are extensive, well-sourced, and could occupy you for days, or even weeks if you truly get into them. It is meticulously researched, and it shows.

The book clearly benefits from Larry’s extensive experience with firearms and the Second Amendment. Unlike most corporate “journalists” Larry knows weapons, and in particular firearms, as well as the political process and the bureaucracy. I was unsurprised to read that when Larry offered to teach one of his courses for free to local media, none accepted the offer. For corporate media, ignorance is bliss. For those who defend and make full use of the Second Amendment, their ignorance is anything but bliss — but Larry has laid out a guide for dealing with that and more.

This book should be read and owned by anyone who supports the Second Amendment, or is on the fence about guns and gun control. I would highly recommend that if you have a friend or know someone who is on the fence, give them a copy of this book as a gift. While it will not guarantee they come out in favor of the Second, it will open eyes to the lies and manipulations in play. I would also recommend giving it as a gift to those who are opposed to guns. Not really expecting any conversions, but it has the potential to get this information out to a much wider audience. Who knows, the person might read and start to think a bit, and that’s a good thing.

Larry also lays out some what-to-dos that are very good. I’m already doing some of them, plan to add more as I can. This is not the time for inaction, but the time to start really working on the local level while enabling legal and other action.

In Defense of the Second Amendment is a book that will make you laugh; it will make you cuss; and, best and most of all, it will make you think. Be sure to give copies as gifts, because thinking can be contagious and this is an epidemic we need.


NOTE: I do not earn any commission or fee from this book or the publisher, and I bought this copy with my own money.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: In Defense Of The Second Amendment”

  1. I have been telling people it’s not a dry recitation of facts and reason. Instead, take one of those books… but let Larry write it. “Stupid” is a common word – it at least occurs a lot more times than in your normal pro-2A book. It is a good read.

  2. If Larry’s publisher were smart they would offer a “buy one, get 50% off the second one” sale so we could have copies to give away or loan out.

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