Update, More Soon

Sorry for the lack of posting, there will be more soon I hope.

Several things have been going on, including what appears to be issues with a new generic version of an existing medicine. I switched pharmacies to one that is nationwide and has locations near where I am looking at moving. They switched to a new generic version of two of my prescriptions, and I woke up Monday feeling as though I were drunk: woozie, dizzy, balance off, etc. Drank so much fluid that I was up about every hour for de-tanking Monday night.

Wanted to be in decent shape as had an independent exam yesterday as part of the disability claim process. Longer than expected, but got through it though still not feeling good. A different exam next week, joy.

Anyway, suspect the issues are one of the new generics is either not playing nice or is not playing nice with something else I’m eating/drinking. There are some odd things that react with some of the drugs, like grapefruit is now off limits. So, doing some cautious experimentation to see if I just need to give it time or if there is something(s) I need to avoid eating, drinking, or taking.

Oh, before I forget, no posting last Friday as I was set to spend all day on busses figuring out how to get to the exam, run errands, etc. Then, I got a call that my car was ready. Found a service that got me from where I was to my car for $1, though it meant a tour of the area. Glad for the tour since it saved me a couple of hours and a long walk, and in the end I was let out directly in front of the repair shop.

So far, so good, though I do need to take the car back down so they can check a couple of things. Also need to have the regular mechanic take another look at the rest of it soon as some other issues are showing up. Joy. No surprise, but, joy.

More soon, hope to have a good and tasty Preparedness Pays post up later today.

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    1. Thanks! It is an issue I am aware of (generics) and even took the time to find out where mine was being made and such. Going to talk with the pharmacist, as suspect insurance will not cover name brand. If needed, will then talk with the doctor.

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