One More Day Off

I hope that all of you had a Blessed and wonderful Christmas! Mine was good, though I eagerly await a return to the 50s after the storm. Thankfully, we did not get hit as bad as predicted though it has been cold and icy.

Which is why I’ve taken a few days off. The weather has done a job on my joints, and there was one morning I just went from bed into the shower for about 20 minutes to get the arms working. Getting my cookware from the top shelf of the cabinet has been interesting a couple of mornings.

Still no word from the SSA, which sadly doesn’t surprise me. Going to wait and see, really not expecting anything this week. The complaint I filed with the Indiana Attorney General about PayPal refusing to close my account got the attention of some people at PayPal. They swear there really is a technical issue, they are working on it, please be patient: I just want the account closed, now.

More soon, and if you are a Russian businessman or woman, don’t go near the windows.

I’m not optimistic for parts of 2023, but I also hope and pray that it is a good year (on some levels at least) for us all!