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Attacks on power substations, mysterious fires, oh my. Back in this series of posts on resisting an occupation, some of the very things that seem to be happening were discussed.

Here in the U.S., there have been a series of attacks against power substations. While there has been very limited coverage, pretty much all of it has focused on individual attacks and with very little context of the areas involved. This morning, thanks to Stephen Fleming, I was introduced to Joshua Steinman who has put a lot of pieces together and presented it as some interesting food for thought.

Domestic, foreign, or other, don’t expect corporate media to fall all over themselves to provide context or put any pieces together. Particularly if it is domestic or domestic acting for foreign. Also, keep in mind the reports over the last few years about outside support and training for various groups here in the U.S.

The point about any messages not getting through is spot on, as if there is anyone who is putting the pieces together, I am about willing to guarantee no one is listening to them. They are that character in fiction that can’t get the brass to listen, and after they are proven right they are sacked for having dared to be right. Yes, it really happens. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to the demented meat puppet and the corrupt Regency, there is no one home there to get a message.

At the same time, Russia seems to be having a lot of fires these days. Word is that one of them wasn’t a mall, but in a tire plant that makes tires for the military. Hmmmmmm. There have been some other incidents too, and the truly eyebrow-raising part of it is that all of these things are happening all over Russia, from the Far East to the Moscow area. As Arte used to say on Laugh In, Verrrrrrryyyyyyy Interesting.

Meantime, if you need some entertainment, the meltdowns on and about Twitter are a constant source. Some of it is truly hilarious. Some of it, frankly, is disgusting. I wish I were surprised at corporate media attacking survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking simply because they and Elon are working to get that crap off Twitter (unlike previous management, some of whom… ).

Personally, I’m sort of glad to see so many showing where they stand. Good to know, and frankly I don’t care if they are supporting child (and adult) sexual abuse and trafficking because they hate Elon and the return of (fairly) free speech or if they were involved in such things. In either case, they are coming out in support of child sexual abuse and exploitation and there is no difference between those who support and those who act. Both deserve contempt and more. Make lists, folks, make lists.

Meantime, keep your eyes open and on a swivel, prepare, and know where to find your things in the dark at need. More soon.

UPDATE: You should read this follow-on post as well while you are here. Thanks!

UPDATE II: A scary question, at least for some…

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  1. There was an inerview on NPR today of a Drag Queen who was doing a show when the power was cut in Sotuh Carolina or wherever. He/She assumed that it was done to ruin the show. Narcissistic much?

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