Drunk Vladimir

Actually, I suspect that he is drinking on top of medication, but… Check out this interesting video from Dmitri on Twitter (who does some excellent work BTW).

Notice the typical, well they did it first excuse. Remember, Russia is never at fault and never did anything to deserve being attacked, maligned, etc. It’s the thing that has me keeping an eye on events given yet more recent nuclear saber rattling in the guise of talking about how they won’t be first but also won’t be second.

I agree with the ISW that there is no current sign that they are contemplating the use of nuclear weapons, and that the talk is just that. As I noted the other day, if it is true they have removed nuclear warheads from ALCMs to use them with conventional warheads against Ukraine it is a huge story. No confirmation yet, but am looking into it. Meantime, we do know they have a shortage of precision weapons. Modern war uses up supplies at rates well above beancounter plans, as in ten months of war has used up years-worth of MANPADs, Javelins, etc.

More as it develops

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