Pro Tip On Airpots

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Edited to add information

That I should have listened to. Back about three years ago, I bought an airpot coffee dispenser. Yeah, I’m one of “those types” who hand grinds each morning, uses a French Press and distilled water, puts in a pinch of smoked salt, and used to time things very precisely. These days, given the short-term memory issues, I’m a lot more flexible even with a timer, and it is fun to explore how flavors change with time.

Anyway, the air pot was looking a bit grody inside (and out thanks to the local water that is a liquid state of limestone) so I decided to clean it. I avoid soap on most things involved with my coffee because the surfactants in modern dish soap can be a pain to deal with. The directions actually say not to use soap inside, but to use some bleach water in it once a month. Three years, one month, whats the difference?

Turns out, I’m going to make a note on the calendar to start doing it once a month. I suspect a lot of it is the plumbing that got cleaned out good and not the lining, but yes there is a difference in taste and looks.

Oh, by the way, while it is something I’ve seen mostly in Navy types, if you really want to make friends and be appreciated by senior NCOs and Navy Chiefs, wash their coffee mugs for them (those not welded onto hands that is). Or even just rinse them good. You will be amazed at the response.

On a more serious note, one of the best ways to clean a regular coffee pot is to do like good restaurants and coffee shops: ice and salt. Lots of both, swirl around, and you will be surprised at how fast it cleans the inside and you don’t have to worry about any soap being left inside. Hard water? Add vinegar to the mix. It is a good thing to run vinegar through a coffee machine in hard water areas if not using distilled water, cleans and disinfects at the same time.


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