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I’ve been trying to avoid politics, at least beyond snarky names for various politicians around the world. I will cheerfully insult Winnie the Xi as fast as I will Resident Biden, Bitch McConnell, and most of the members of the American political class. I’m equal opportunity that way. Free snark and mocking for all.

In the wake of the red hole that was supposed to be a red wave (which Sarah and others, including me on Twitter, told you wasn’t going to happen), there has been the usual finger pointing and a lot of chatter about how to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Equally unsurprising is that the never-Trumpers and those who really didn’t like such a man but rode the train anyway types have declared a Trump-DeSantis fight and you must choose your side now!

No, I don’t and I’ve got a suggestion what you can do with it. You focus on this, make it the most important thing, and both conservatism and libertarianism are probably dead for our lifetimes.

This probably won’t do any good, but I’m going to try one more time to get some things across to some of those higher-level types. The theatrics of the big names are going to drown this out, and Trump saying mean things (day ending in Y) and Rod pissing his panties and flouncing to the fainting couch because someone was uncivil and has no breeding and proper manners (again, day ending in Y) get the attention.

Right now, you’ve got far bigger problems. Allow me to suggest that you read this guest post at Sarah’s place. There’s a lot in there with which I agree. I have no faith in the current system, and yes I do think there has been, is, and will be fraud. Incompetence too, but fraud as well– especially given a number of convictions for voter fraud in the last election. As Mr. Kendall pointed out, we begged you to investigate and be pro-active on securing the elections.

But, no, that would be uncivil and rude and worst of all it would have upset a lot of gravy trains that depend on the status quo. If you are interested in why many of us feel that there were things that needed investigation (and prosecution), read this post, then this post, and finally this post from Larry Correia. There is a lot more out there, but that’s a good start.

If you really want freedom, good (and limited) government, here’s a few suggestions:

First, don’t fall for and join in on the new urgent “thing” and declare your undying loyalty to it or whatever part of it is demanded. Not now, not later, as there are going to be many things as distraction.

Second, secure the vote. This really has to be done on the state (and local) level, and if you look at the states where that was done… Outside of those states, I think it may already be too late and I expect to see more Federal electioneering and attempts to force states to insecure the vote. All in the name of saving “our democracy” of course.

Personally I would love to see one day, limited/no mail, go back to absentee with valid reason, ID required, no same-day registration, LET THE MILITARY VOTE AND ACTUALLY COUNT THAT VOTE, and if I could sneak it in no straight party voting allowed. It will take good state-level leadership, with the support on the national leadership. Oh, and don’t forget, same-day vote tally. This third-world weeks-long bullshit has to go.

Third, this leads us to the need to change the leadership. Badly. Look at the many interesting decisions this cycle, some of which were an early effort to get rid of the “wrong-type” of Republicans. If it is true that the RNCC did not send a single lawyer to Arizona, Nevada, or other contested/problem areas, that stinks even worse. The Republican party needs to clean house and bring in fresh leadership. Younger and aggressive too.

Love him or hate him, Trump fought. People, not the fancy blue checks or cocktail circuit types, saw that. As polarizing as he is, he fights. It’s not a bad analogy to suggest to leadership (conservative, Republican, libertarian, other) that emulating Lincoln with Grant in regards Trump and other non-establishment types is a good idea. If they fight, that one person is worth 20 of the cocktail-circuit go-along-get-along types.

No, the never-Trumpers and those of the “If we lay back and spread our legs maybe this time we will win/enjoy it” clique are never going to be happy. They make their best money by being unhappy; and, besides, all the right people at the parties say good things about them when they whine . Ignore them. GET SOLID LEADERSHIP IN PLACE NOW, LEADERSHIP THAT WILL FIGHT FOR A SECURE VOTE.

Fourth, look at two things that were huge in this last election. Look at how many voters, particularly minority, did swing red. Look at WHY they did so, as the issues matter. You made some serious inroads, and while some of the candidates didn’t make it, you’ve got proven leadership who did fight that is now available. Hint. Hint. For once, make use of the abundance of talent that is available to you. Also, if you want to truly make a difference, keep going after schoolboards and other local elections. You can and will accomplish more in the long run if you do so.

Fifth through Eleventh, IF YOU DON’T WORK TO SECURE THE VOTE, NONE OF IT MATTERS AS YOU WILL NEVER WIN AGAIN. You can blame the base or sections of the base (as you are doing right now), third party candidates, or the excuse du jour. It’s a lie and you know it. Quit it.

Finally, in at number twelve, let Trump, DeSantis, and anyone else who wants to fight, fight. It’s called a primary for a reason. If what is going on results in one or more other strong, feisty potential candidates coming out in the process, that’s a win as far as I’m concerned. I’m going to wait and see who makes the best case to earn my vote. Hopefully, someone will. Hopefully, the vote will count.

Thus endeth today’s lesson.


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7 thoughts on “Not Playing”

  1. Trump “fights,” yet the only beneficiary of his fighting has been the Democrat Party since 2017. Why/how is this complicated. Trump is the best, if not only, asset the Democrat Party has. And now Trump is going to go out of his way to help Democrats win in Georgia. Again. When is enough enough?

    1. So what would you rather have? Who in your mind could bring the fight and wake up the party the way Trump has? Honestly, even DeSantis behaved like a country club Republican until he saw how it worked for Trump and I am not convinced he won’t return to form. Do you really think things would have been better off if Jeb had won in 2016 (LOL)? Then I guess Pence would have tried again in 2020 whining all the way to another loss.

      Fighters, real fighters, are often not very nice people. They are pugnacious and arrogant and obnoxious about it. For every person Trump might have turned off, he turned on another who might have sat out or voted Democrat (minorities are not voting Republican because of Jeb and Pence and McConnel).

      Also, you seem to have lost the main point of the blog post. It doesnt matter who is running as long as the vote is not trustworthy.

  2. 1. About population. Mark Steyn has been saying this for years, maybe decades.

    2. One thing not talked about much is there was a red wave among elections to school boards. Growth, if there is any will be from the bottom up. Not top down.

    3. Trump is his own worst enemy. As someone commented: He can’t read the room. He dissed McCain rather than just being quiet. Results McCain voted against overturning Obama care.
    I’m not, and wasn’t a big McCain fan but he did serve and conducted himself admirably. Trump? He had bone spurs. He should have just been quiet. Ditto with Lake.

    Politics is a game of counting noses. You want more noses on your side than the other side. You don’t have to like the nose, kiss the nose, wipe the nose, blow the nose, or pick the nose. You want the nose to pick you. And you most defiantly don’t want to punch the nose. Trump cuts off his nose to spite his face. Then complains about it. Yes he fights but he fights with anyone and everyone, not just his opposition. D’s have something that R’s don’t have which is discipline. It’s better to have an Elephant than a Rhino but it’s also better to have a Rhino than a Donkey.

    D’s=Evil Party.
    R’s=Stupid Party.

  3. Need to close the damn primaries as well.

    Need to curtail one party pushing the candidate that they think is beatable in the general election.

    Leading up to 2016 I had lefty acquaintances (most of whom no longer speak to me, since I refused to buy their bullshit over the last six years) who bragged about voting for DJT in the primary.

    Same people who say voter ID is racist, but mail in and a week to count is totally legit.

    And I’ve come to realize they actually BELIEVE it. Which actually scares me more than if they were just wildly dishonest.

  4. Herbert Jacobi said: “He dissed McCain rather than just being quiet. Results McCain voted against overturning Obama care. I’m not, and wasn’t a big McCain fan but he did serve and conducted himself admirably.”

    Anyone who uses his swing vote on a national issue of importance as a blunt tool to spite someone else in the party leadership who dissed him, is NOT conducting himself admirably. Quite the opposite.

  5. Let us not forget that the media hates Trump now and always will. The media will never be anything but the Democrats’ accomplice in destroying any Republican candidate.

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