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There will be more to come today, but for now a quick look at the world. Or at least parts of it.

First, this is my third time on Twitter. I was an early adopter back in the day, but have left it twice because it was such a cesspit on so many levels. I got back on just because of Elon and wanting to watch what happened. Oh my stars, I have laughed so hard this weekend it’s not funny. The flouncing, the overly-dramatic-hammy-exits (some of which were by actual C-list actors), the hysteria — it was magnificent. I’m almost glad my hearing is f***** by the lightning strike as otherwise I might have gone deaf from the REEEEEEEEEEEssssssssss. Not sure what will ultimately happen, though I suspect they are going to go after Elon on a level that surpasses Trump, but enjoying the ride right now.

Second, you may notice that I update my intel list on Twitter from time to time. Sometimes it is to add, sometimes I take off someone. In the latter case, it may mean they missed too much, but it can also mean that while they do good, even great, work in one area they don’t stay in that area. If I have to start double- or triple-checking work because of bias, it’s not worth it. Lots of good OSINT and related out there. That said, if you have anyone you would like to recommend for the list, let me know. Always glad to check out new and good work.

Third, speaking of OSINT, if anyone out there knows of a video compilation of all the launches that were done as part of GROM, please let me know. There are several things I want to double-check, and a comp would help with that. Also, everything I saw was pre-recorded. There was no live coverage of any launch that I can find. If you know of any that were done live, again, please let me know.

Fourth, the internal struggles are getting interesting. This may become a major post here soon, as what started as more normal in-fighting seems to be becoming something more. The removal of Lapin (and even the false reports of his death) is potentially huge. More on this soon.

Fifth, I may be a bit pre-occupied this morning because of the press conference in regard the Delphi murders. That one hit home for me, not sure why. I almost located in Delphi when I first moved to Indiana many years ago, and it seemed a wonderful and relatively safe little town. Over the years I’ve shared the sketches, audio, and other information/requests from LE on the case. I really hope this is not just another edge-of thing, for while it is good to get what is under those rocks, it’s not justice. I want Justice for those girls. Really wish there was an option for short-drop, long-dance, for whoever did it and/or was involved.

Sixth, while Vladimir seems to have backed off a bit for now, prepare. Looking at things such as diesel (which if they would let the markets work would not be an issue), railroad strikes, etc., now is the time to stock up as much as you can. Please hit my tip jar, as after I take care of bills I want to stock up more. Again, I suggest not only staples but also get your imports (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.) first. Get as much as you can and start working to rotate that stock. After than, look to light, cooking, and heat alternatives. Think it’s going to be a rough winter and year even if the demented meat puppet doesn’t talk us into a nuclear exchange (that may also be the subject of a column this week).

Finally, let me know what preparedness or other subjects you would like me to cover. I have ideas, but I want to provide information that you want and/or need. If you have questions, sing out. Will do my best to answer them.

More soon.


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