The Viper On The Table

I love this analogy by Wretchard! It is a marvelous turn of phrase that cuts to the essence of what the necromancer has thrown down before all. Not surprising that he did so, as you really should be reading him on twitter or other sites.

I must disagree with him, however, when he says nobody knows what to do with it. I touched on this a bit yesterday, but today I shall be blunt.

Everyone knows what must be done with the summoned abomination, and the necromancer who summoned it. They must be destroyed, and it must be done in a way that makes clear what will happen to any who try to summon it again.

The fear, by both those at the table in opposition to the necromancer and those he represents, and by those who increasingly realize that letting him represent them was a very bad mistake, is that the serpent might do more than quiver, and strike many before it is brought down. Even the necromancer is in fear of this right now, as his abomination threatens him as well.

The best thing would be for those who the necromancer alleges to represent to deal with him themselves. Such would be bloody and brutal, but contained if they destroy the necromancer and his own before he can unleash the beast. The next best, for actions by those around the table being threatened to eliminate both threats before they can react, is fraught with peril for all.

Yet, action must be taken. The threat is made and the beast summoned. If the Necromancer gets away with it, he will be emboldened and will start with it the next time he acts. Worse, other necromancers elsewhere will seize upon it, and the end results may well end up being worse than a nuclear war now. For it is a given that everyone and their brother will be developing or obtaining nuclear and other special weapons for use by their necromancers unless an example is made.

As I said, the best option is for his own people to deal with the Necromancer themselves, and ensure the serpent does not rise. Otherwise, there are few options and none will be palatable or pleasant. Choose wisely.

I also agree with Wretchard on this take, which is a bit of a play on Heinlein. Earth is the cradle of humanity, and it’s past time we left the cradle. For even if the proper example is made, there will be another necromancer somewhere (possibly many) who will be convinced they are smarter and faster, and will try this again. The serpent can take many forms, and that many of those can easily turn on their alleged masters and escape them to truly destroy the world is lost upon the mad.

It is only by spreading out in our own solar system and beyond that we can survive. The mad can still destroy many, but not all. Choose wisely.

For now, pray for that which is right to be. And prepare. More on that in a few.


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