Into The Light: Denny Wilson

Bleep. When he made it home, I had hoped he was on the mend. Sadly, it was not to be. Denny (Dennis) Wilson, aka the Grouchy Old Cripple, was one of the early bloggers and he stayed with it until the end.

His “Asshole of the Week” and “Saturday Boobage” posts on Saturday could overshadow his musical posts on Sunday in some ways, but the latter presented an amazing array of talent and musical ability that always entertained and usually had me in awe of the musicians. He had a way with words and his posts were indeed entertaining.

At a blogger meetup in Atlanta, he was, I think, amused at how fast everyone said he was picking the wine to go with the dinner. Not that bloggers were or are ever a cantankerous bunch who rarely agreed on anything… Fact was, Denny was a member of the Sommelier Guild of Atlanta (hobby, after the Navy he worked with computers at IBM) and his choices weren’t just good but amazing.

Godspeed! You are missed already.

2 thoughts on “Into The Light: Denny Wilson”

  1. Although we never had the pleasure of meeting him, my wife and I have enjoyed his blog for many years. The sad news of his passing has brought tears to our eyes and sadness to our hearts. I hope that wherever he is he knows that he is greatly missed. Fair winds and following seas, Denny.

    1. It may be a while before I quit visiting it, been a habit for years. And thank you for sharing that, as I hope he sees it and knows what a positive impact he has had on his readers.

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