Experiment Day

UPDATE: The Duma will be meeting in special session tomorrow, and will make a special statement in regards Ukraine. Not a good sign, but will wait and see what they say.

Today is/was a bit of an experiment. I’ve noted before that I can write or I can respond to comments, and while that is improving it is still a factor for me. Also, I have been limiting distractions and potential distractions while writing. My days of being able to write in a crowded, noisy, press area are behind me now; but, I also need to be able to do more in somewhat stressful/distracting situations.

So, I decided to try writing up on the front porch rather than down in my semi-secret subterranean wolf’s lair. Besides, the sun is shining, the weather is nice, and I’d like to enjoy it while I can. It was also as test to see how well I can handle an environment with more distractions and such.

To be fair, while the traffic and a visit from a member of the Rodent Liberation Front were indeed distractions, I might could have handled that. It was having seven IMPD vehicles go by at high speed that started the real distraction. Then five more. Then more. Then another group of five or so including one of the SWAT armored vehicles. Then more. I lost track of the exact number, but it was pretty good.

I have a police scanner app on the phone, so brought it up after the first two groups went racing by. I still don’t have the whole story, but a few blocks west of me this morning, a dead body was found (apparently shot). Apparently there was a suspect identified and things got interesting. From what I could hear, there appeared to be a house with various people possibly armed and barricaded; a group of armed people outside the home who were hostile towards the police; and, some other interested parties.

Eventually, “the suspect” came out of the house and said they were the last person inside. Large effort made to get suspect into custody and into a vehicle with out “the family” seeing them. Makes me think some of the armed parties wandering around were considering some street justice. Things seemed to de-escalate from there and units were released to other duties. Which was good as about a major block from me, two wives got into it because one of them touched a shoe belonging to the other, which led to a gun being discharged into a sofa over the offense. Three units were dispatched to that situation (and I was left with the impression that neither of the wives wanted to touch the gun after the discharge), and others to deal with normal things like a man in grey underwear and orange socks stopping traffic on a major street, another interesting individual claiming to own all the copper in a Harbor Freight, etc.

Really looking forward to reading/hearing the news accounts on the first incident. Sad to say, the others probably don’t qualify as news given the current status of Indianapolis.

Morning is still my best time for writing and such, and this morning is gone. I’m keeping an eye on a number of things, however, including trying to figure out how well the Dugina passion play is playing out in Russia; this interesting post from the good CDR Salamander (seriously, you need to read him and not just for the excellent naval coverage); some other odd bits that may (or may not) tie into the larger picture. Thanks to a very perceptive comment, I may change up the planned Nuclear 201 order to go into reliability issues first. Yes, a guest post or two are in work.

Meantime, please consider hitting the tip jar. The end of the month is here, there are some unexpecteds, and I’m trying hard to get out of this blue-check hell-hole that the city of Indianapolis has sadly become. If the local prosecutor isn’t Soros-backed I’d be amazed. For all I’ve come to love this city, I’m done. As fast as I can come up with the lump-sums needed, I’m out of here. The rural SW calls. Am exploring several options right now, including pods, using shipping containers to build at least a temporary home if some things work out, and other creative options to get me moved. The key costs are: the move; a location to rent while I find a good place (or, find a place then figure out the rest); and getting StarLink and other utilities covered so I can keep writing.

More soon.


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