Things To Come?

Based on e-mail and a lone comment, looks like there is interest in a Nuclear 102 series along with some more on preparedness. I’m actually going to look into some possible guest posts for the former, will see. Meantime, I’m trying to push things along for my fundraiser as it is headed into the end of the month and I want out of here!

I would have loved to have moved months ago, but all the health issues kept that from happening. I do well most days, the coping mechanisms for the brain issues work well and it could be imagination but I swear I see/feel some progress in the healing. I don’t want to wait three years, I want to be good now! 🙂 So far, we have most everything under control as far as we can tell. Working to keep it that way. Please help me keep my head above water and get out of the hellhole that Indy has become.

Meantime, there is more to come besides Monday’s pun! May take a day or two to get the new series moving, but it will happen.


If you would like to help me in my recovery efforts, feel free to hit the tip jar in the upper right or the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo. Getting hit by lightning is not fun, and it is thanks to your gifts and prayers that I am still going. Thank you.