Fundraiser Update

Yesterday, I posted an update at GiveSendGo noting that it is the end of the month and I can use some help. I also noted that I need to buy some new supplements, ones that bloodwork show as helping, and that some of those are a touch expensive. My insurance covers big pharma products, but not compounded or supplements.

I’m also having to look at raising the amount being sought. While GiveSendGo does not charge anything, their payment processor does. In many respects, I’m in the same boat as Protein Wisdom just found himself in with his fundraiser: he had to raise the amount sought to account for the payment processor’s rapacious appetites. I’m not happy with them for several reasons, and will note that if you use the tip jar/PayPal link in the upper right above I do get more if not all the funds.

Working to come up with the necessary lump sums to get out of here. Also looking at alternate methods of moving. While I can’t do a lot of lifting and hauling, there may be some options where if I can get help/hire help, I can do it for less than the moving companies would charge. I can plan, push, and pray.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, sent prayers, or good thoughts. Know that all are appreciated, and the prayers have helped.