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Saturday night’s post was short and sweet simply because it happened quickly and there just wasn’t a lot of information. For those that missed it, Vladimir made a fast trip into the Kremlin at 2300 hours (11 pm) Moscow time. Oh, translate the tweet, as it is hilarious. Vladimir going into the Kremlin? Not unusual. Doing so at 2300? Unusual. Very unusual and usually indicates something fairly major has happened. A number of people took notice, including me.

Then, things took a turn for the weird when Kremlin Spox Peskov denied that Vladimir had come in to make a statement. WTF? It’s almost unheard of for a spox to admit that anyone has come into the Kremlin for any reason at any time, just as our spox don’t acknowledge when people go into The Tank, the crisis room, etc. Then, to deny that Vladimir had come in to make a statement is beyond weird.

Now, in the aftermath of this, there was this report of an aircraft making a run north. That particular plane has been used by Gerasimov to get him and his staff places before, and it would appear others have used it as well. Not unusual per se, but at least one observer noted that the last time they saw that plane make that trip, it was when the Moskva was sunk. However, there was no indication of anything of that magnitude happening, and even with the Ukrainians being such shy and retiring types when it comes to their successes surely we would have heard something.

So, welcome to the wonderful world of intel. Something was going on, but so far no rumors out of Moscow as to what was going on. That is a bit unusual as Moscow leaks just as badly as DC, so I really would have expected to hear something by now. Theories do abound, of course. One is that it was a reaction to China upping it’s alert because of a U.S. plane in the straights. Another is that it had something to do with Belarus and Lithuania. Yet another is that it had to do with the debt default that was looming. And, of course, the almost obligatory idea that something had gone wrong internal to Russia. I admit, at the time, I was wondering if the Ukrainians had potted another Russian general.

I’m keeping my ears open, and hope that this is one of those where we do learn fairly soon what was going on. So long as they are not running for the exits, life is good.

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