Actually, this is a dissection of the response to a post I made on Twitter, which was in response to an overly dramatic post by a celebrity. I’ve enjoyed that person’s work, even the occasional scenery chewing, but wasn’t surprised at the dramatics.

The majority of response were likes to a post that basically said “No uterus, no say” which is one of the most intellectually vacuous statements out there. It is a logical fallacy right off the top ten list, an effort to end discourse rather than engage in it. Twitter makes it hard to get an exact count, but it looks like 40 or so went that route rather than for discourse.

Then there was the bizarre take of “When the state wants to start castrating men, you’ll sing a different tune then. No state should be allowed to say what you can and can’t do with your body. End. Of. Story.” Looks like 20-30 went with this. This level of projection is worthy of a full-up psych study. Let’s dissect it a bit further.

The State is the Federal government, and if all power resides in it, then it can indeed do bad things. That’s a fundamental reason for The States to have power as a check and balance. Fundamental civics, well understood from the statements of the Founding Fathers. It’s also the reason for the First and Second Amendments since word would need to be spread of the abuse and the Second provides a means to address. Before you start screeching, you might want to check the Federalist Papers as well as the letters and writings of Thomas Jefferson and others such as Adams and Washington. As for the nukes and such, you might want to ask the Taliban and the Ukraine about how it is impossible to go up against a government with nukes, artillery, and aircraft. That take is a bit of idiocy others have already taken apart, will just refer all to the International Lord of Hate and his posts.

The next logical perversion/fallacy here is that not allowing abortion at will through or even after birth will somehow bring about The State decreeing all males must be castrated. Or, at least all those who don’t fully support abortion on demand, which is what I think is the actual psychological projection here. No basis in fact, no logical or illogical reason for it since if all are castrated there will be no future population, hence no future State. To call this fantasy bizarre is an understatement and it is in direct opposition to the fantasy of forced breeding and birth that seems to be popular.

Finally, the implied assumption is that either I and all other males will simply comply or be forced to submit. By whom? Are there some in the military or LE who would obey such and order and engage in such force? Sure. Are there a lot more that won’t? You bet. Scooter, which part of the population has both the weapons, the training, and even the service to handle those weapons (and more) and resist? Might want to think on that a bit, especially if you are proposing that you and your fellow citizens will make it happen. I may well be singing in the future. Heck, I might even be singing in a growing pile of hot brass. The one thing I will guarantee is that it won’t be in soprano.

Looks like about six went with “States rights is the most un-American argument ever. That’s how you make 50 little warring countries. UNITED States. It’s like, right there in the name.” Do they even teach civics anymore? History? This bit of risible idiocy has partially been dealt with above, but allow me to add that the Constitution was written to prevent that level of strife and that other than the War Between The States it has held. It has also allowed, to some degree, individual States to pass laws and try things so that other States could adopt if they proved to be good ideas. The incubator concept of the Founding Fathers clearly isn’t being taught anymore. For the record, I suspect my landlord’s cat has a better knowledge of civics than these people and I know my Algerian-born housemate does as he just finished earning his Citizenship when he passed his civics exam. Really thinking it would not be a bad idea to deny high school graduation or a GED to anyone who can’t pass that exam…

There are a couple of outliers, the obligatory mother forced at risk of her life to carry by the cold, cruel, uncaring state; unfuckables identifying themselves (based on some of the photos, not interested, even with someone else’s member); and it was a Constitutional right. No, it wasn’t. It was NOT an enumerated right, which was the entire problem. It’s one even RGB pointed out along with a solution. Solution not taken, so here we are.

Now, let’s deal with some reality rather than the feverswamp of dramatic fantasy. Dobbs puts abortion back to the States, who can for now decide what limits and other measures to put in place. It does not prevent the Federal government from passing legislation on abortion, and there will doubtless be pressure to do so.

Some States have already effectively banned abortion. Don’t like living in one of them? Then don’t move there or if you live there and can’t get it changed, move yourself to a state with laws you like. Live in a State that hasn’t yet made up its mind and passed laws regarding abortion? Get active and let your legislature and others know where you stand, from banning to abortion after birth. For those advocating the latter, may God have mercy on you.

Will any of the State laws keep you from traveling to another State to get an abortion? No. They never did. Will any of the State laws prevent treatment of ectopic pregnancy (which is NOT abortion FYI)? No. Will any of the State laws force a mother to carry to term even at risk to her health? No, not that I’ve seen. If you have a real citation otherwise, let’s see it. Will any State law force women to be prosecuted for a miscarriage? Again, no, not that I’ve seen. And again, if you have a real citation otherwise, let’s see it.

The truth is, absent a Federal law, we are going to see a range of options on abortion, from a near total ban to abortion-on-demand up until birth. Abortion tourism is going to be a thing, at least for a while. If New York and California don’t get into fight over who is the best destination for an abortion, I will be surprised.

Couple of quick side notes. First, as a small-l libertarian, ownership of our body is the core of most rights. It also, however, includes taking responsibility for what we do to and with that body. Second, our body sometimes does belong to the state, such as through military service. In the case of abortion, it’s about the life and body inside the woman’s body, as that life and body deserves to be protected as well.

UPDATE: Amazing the silence from the my body my choice types when asked where they stood on vaccine mandates…


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  1. Over the last several years, Ive come to realize that our Malthusian “elites” have done a truly amazing job over the last 50 years getting people to embrace reducing the population without ever realizing THEY are the population that’s slated for elimination.

    Why build the camps when you can get people to committ demographic suicide?

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