Please Help The Fundraiser

I hate to ask, but things are stalled and I really want to get moved as soon as possible. Now that we have all the medical stuff cleared as much as we can, I can concentrate on moving. The problem is, the costs on moving have about doubled in the last few months. Looking at ways to do it cheaper, but there are no guarantees.

If you can help, please donate at the official fundraiser site or, if you don’t trust GiveSendGo, then hit the tip jar in the upper right. Anything helps!

If you support but are in circumstances where you can’t help right now, please share the appeal and help me get the word out.

Most of all, your prayers and moral support are needed. It all helps, and I can’t say how much those have meant to me over the last few months.

Getting hit by lightning has not been fun, but with your help I am on track to survive, thrive, and start a new life. Thank you for your help!