Institutional/Authority Collapse

This wasn’t the down week in medical terms it was supposed to be, but all seems to be working out. It was, however, a very horrible week as the institutional/authority collapse that is proceeding apace resulted in a catastrophic loss of life.

I first got into disaster preparedness in high school, even designing a shelter to keep a number of people alive for up to five years in the face of nuclear war as a science fair project. I got into it formally when I took on disaster preparedness duties for a job (and sadly got to practice them in real life) and started writing/consulting on same. I also went through Air Force Security Police Augmenter training. Which is to say I do know a bit about preparedness and the plans to prevent/stop school shootings.

I’m torn between being horrified and outraged over what has happened in Uvalde, Texas. If there is a single civic authority that did not abjectly and utterly fail those children, I’ve yet to find it. From the teacher who propped the door open then failed to close it when they had the chance, to the contemptible response of law enforcement, they all failed to do anything close to their duty. I agree with something that was said on Twitter, that the police chief needs to go to prison and those that followed his orders need to personally apologize to their ancestors for doing so. Frankly, the members of Law Enforcement at the scene — especially those Federal and local who attacked the parents — would in a just world be dangling from lamposts. Anything less than that which happens to them, should be considered a blessing by them. As it is, I really don’t expect any real consequences to happen to any of them. I expect an investigation, a report full of handwringing, shows of sorrow, and not a damn thing done to those who failed of oaths, courage, and manhood.

For all that I am glad the Border Patrol team defied the cowardly and incompetent (to be polite) order of the police chief and went in. They waited to long, but at least they acted. The locals, federal marshals, and others who stood around waiting? They have shown they are manifestly unfit to wear a uniform or carry a badge. They should be named and shamed, especially those who attacked the parents trying to save their children. They deserve neither pity or consideration, as they showed none to those they were sworn to protect. They are at best oathbreakers and cowards.

There was a young lady inside who showed she had a bigger pair than all the LE present combined. Big Brass Ovaries that have to clank when she walks. She covered herself with her best friends blood, played dead, and repeatedly called 911 to ask for help and to update on what was going on. She is a hero. The zeros of law enforcement and civil authority there are not.

Yet, Uvalde is symptomatic of our country and government at all levels. The public health community made its grab for power and has wrecked any and all trust with the public. They looked the American citizenry in the eye and lied to them, not once, but multiple times. The FDA is so busy trying to expand its power and mandate it neglects its real and official duties. The baby formula issue is just the tip of the iceberg there. Energy, borders, national security — there is no aspect of authority/institutional competence there. There is only the growing signs of authority/institutional collapse.

The public is very right not to trust authority/institutions at any level. That trust gets people killed. It gets lives, fortunes, and sacred honor destroyed. What can be done? Forcing accountability would help, but is going to be fought tooth and nail by those in authority. Be prepared is the only other option.

Meantime, pray. Pray for this country. Pray for the victims in Uvalde. And please do pray for the survivors, like that wonderful and brave young lady, for survivor’s guilt is a terrible thing. Pray for us all, we’re going to need all the prayers we can get.

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