Health Update

Sorry for the lack of free ice cream, but this is a week of doctors, with today wrapping up a series of visits. The good news out of all of them is that things are doing as well as they can be doing. I’ve been told to work on my triglycerides, and plan to do so.

The good news is that these visits also incorporated some regular cancer screens and those were all negative. I strongly recommend ignoring the Obama-era recommendations to not get certain tests done, especially a PSA test if you are male. The earlier you catch things, the better.

In addition to a recurrent rash I seem to have picked up in Iraq many years ago, I have a couple of new things to deal with. Neither bad, just annoying. Stamina is still an issue, but getting back to regular exercise should help.

Because of the diverticulitis, I get to have another colonoscopy here soon. Working on that, hopefully same doctor and location as last time. Best such I’ve ever had, and appreciated the care and professionalism. Especially as the doctor previous to them came closer to killing me than I care for.

Things are going well enough that I don’t have to see the cardiologist for six months, unless something comes up. BP still an issue, but we can work it via weekly reports and more blood work.

Starting back into regular exercise, have gotten in some good walks the last few days, though the body is quick to let me know when I push too hard and that I’ve not been doing this in a while. Have even been cleared to use the inversion table.

All in all, a fairly decent set of visits. Have more cognitive therapy sessions to come, and am looking forward to them. Again, I highly suggest not getting hit by lightning.


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