Uncertainty And Preparation

Not much to say about the Ukraine situation today. The Russians are building up forces and supplies, but exactly when, where, and how they kick off remains to be seen. Trying to run down some information, but it’s not exactly like you can call someone up and say ‘Joeski, were those chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons you were loading?’ It’s not something where you could go into the deep/dark web for the modern equivalent of a dead letter drop. There does appear to be some validity to the charge that the Moskva was carrying at least two nuclear weapons, but it is not absolutely positively beyond-all-doubt confirmed. Just mostly confirmed.

If the pointers continue to point in a particular direction, I’m going to be amending my 60/40 odds. In fact, I’m likely to move it substantially higher.

I am laughing a bit at Vladimir getting called out about putting nukes into the Baltic. At least one government has pointed out that he already has them there, and asks if he’s going to send more? The loss of prestige and fear of the Russian bear is being clearly demonstrated.

In response to the question of what I would recommend stocking up on right now, I would say this. I think you should already have some stocks of food and other supplies in place. Given what we are seeing on U.S. winter wheat as well as problems world-wide, I’ve picked up some pasta and flour even though I do keto. I would also look at things like baking chocolate, tea, coffee — the things that come from areas that are likely to be hit hard by shortages and famine, and have to be transported by ship to get here. If you use a supplement(s) that depends on overseas production or raw ingredients, stock up. Same on spices. There’s no need to panic, but if you can flesh out your grocery list so that you are set at need.

Meantime, I’m going to continue to see what I can find out, what turns up, and hope that nothing blows up this weekend.

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