Light Posting?

If there is any posting beyond this, it is likely going to be lite. First, there are not a lot of new developments in the Ukraine. Second, I’m taking the time to try to sift through some things there and with some of the ag issues. Third, we are going to have a day of storms, and the storms do me bad. Yes, that means it can and does affect cognition. I live by lists and notes as it is, days like today push that. It also doesn’t help that I had to be at a lab before dawn for a fasting blood draw. The only redeeming part of that is that I got to have breakfast at a nice little place a vampire recommended to me a while back.

So, there may be more later but I make no promises. Especially as if we are being hit by storms I tend not to be on the computer, away from windows, etc. Yes, getting hit by lightning has, finally some may argue, taught me a bit of caution.


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