War, Ag, Demographics, And The Worst Is Yet To Come

Russia’s efforts to focus on the Donbas and the Southern front are proving interesting. There are a number of reports coming out that if they are indeed true, could well mean that Russia’s new offensive will have even more problems than the attempt on Kyiv. Hoping to learn more over the weekend.

If it is true that Gen Dvornikov has taken over command of the offensive, brutal will take on an entirely new meaning. Check his record in Syria (and before) He’s already been linked to the rocket attack on the evacuees. Mostly women and children? No matter, besides they aren’t as likely to fight back and inflict casualties.

There are reports that Russia is going to mobilize 60,000 reservists. Desperation play, especially given that they have taken horrendous casualties and a large number of units are combat ineffective because of losses. More on this next week.

As for Vladimir attending the funeral with the “football” at hand? Great theatre and preys upon the Biden administrations fear of starting WWIII. It upsets the neighbors too, which is more than half the point. It was a bit of psyop just to poke back at the people who have been poking him and now his family.

Now, some food for thought with a different twist. I can talk about Russkiy Mir until I’m blue in the face, and share insights all day long. I can continue to point out that we have a world without a single major power having stable leadership. Below are two presentations dealing with demographics that, while I don’t agree with some of his conclusions (he apparently believed the Ukraine would fall and fast), there is a LOT of good information there.

And, yet more info and some additional thoughts on ag and more

Some people I know on social media have been talking about ag issues for some time now. Jake Freivald has been on this one for a while, noting that it could get interesting here but will be devastating elsewhere. Linking to a couple of his citations: a look at the fertilizer crisis and problems with our winter wheat crop. There is already an impact in Europe, and it’s likely to get worse. We will adapt and overcome. Most of the world’s farmlands outside the U.S. have to have fertilizer, and lots of it. China, Russia, and the Ukraine will not be exporting this year. This is going to be devastating.

Oh, and just a note that the Russians are once again using starvation as a weapon in the Ukraine.

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7 thoughts on “War, Ag, Demographics, And The Worst Is Yet To Come”

  1. 1. By my calculations, the U.S. corn crop, if the portions used for animal feed and ethanol were directed to humans, could comfortably sustain 1.8 billion people. Seriously.
    2. I have read that the Crimea has no significant source of fresh water. It was all piped in from the Dnieper. When Russia invaded the peninsula, Ukraine blocked the water. That would explain a lot of the Russian strategy in the south.

  2. I have been following geopolitics for 50+ years. Your analysis is bar far the most comprehensive that I have observed.

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