Lack Of Posting Explanation

Sorry for the lack of posting Thursday and Friday. Thursday was an early morning appointment at the dentist, to do the cleaning that had been delayed while they checked with my cardiologist over antibiotics and such. However, a quick and routine visit it was not.

At some point, my jaws clenched hard enough to break some previous dental work. It is possible that when I got hit by the lightning and locked up, that I did enough damage so that later it didn’t take much to finish it off. There were are couple of other areas that needed attention, and I was surprised to find out that fillings and such now are only expected to last five years. Guess I got my money’s worth out of what I do have.

So, we fixed the two easy things that day, though I had to wait around a couple of hours to be worked in. Unfortunately, the previous dental work can’t be fixed, and will require a crown. Guess what my insurance doesn’t cover? There are a few other things that need to be done, but for now I’m only focusing on trying to fix what needs fixing before I move. Some of the other I will have to have done after the move as it takes time (and a large amount of money).

Thursday and Friday saw weather changes, which hit me hard. I was more absentminded that normal Thursday, and Friday was not good physically or mentally. There are days the “scrambling” of data hits me harder than others, and as it is I live off lists these days. Fun. Given that it snowed this morning, I don’t really feel like going out but have to run a couple of errands.

More soon.


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