Mismatched Locomotives

I’m going to make this short and sweet, given that I’m still buried in paperwork. Here’s some food for thought for the day.

First up, Kamil Galeev, with further proof that’s he’s more on the ball than all the Western intelligence agencies combined. It is long, but well worth the read. I will admit, I’m one who missed the ’68 steal — I should have caught that.

Second, Trent Telenko makes an excellent point on targeting. The Ukraine would be stupid to go after thanks and such with the new drones. So far, they’ve avoided that. Let’s hope they continue to fight smart.

He also has a message for the flags in the Pentagon. It’s an old one. I once got to be a part of upgrading computers at a military installation, one that almost got someone courtmartialed. We pulled it off, and while we couldn’t get everyone up to what the corporate world was doing (had to do a bunch of it as non-PCs because of contract, at least we got rid of the 8″ floppy discs), it was a huge step up.

Chew on this food for thought for a bit. There is more to come.

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