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In terms of my previous comments on maskirova and what we might see before Vladimir goes nuclear, I’m noting with interest the attack on the fuel depot in Russia. Russia blames it on the Ukraine. The Ukraine swears they didn’t do it. Interesting. If we see an escalating pattern of such attacks, odds are it is maskirova and Vladimir is going to up the ante one way or many ways.

In the least surprising move, Roscosmos has announced it is stopping cooperative efforts with the West, including on the ISS. The only people this might surprise are a few at 300 E Street who’ve had their fingers in their ears and have been humming for all they are worth.

Given the problems with the Russian module that went up recently, I’m not sure it is a loss. Even without that, it still may not be all that much of a loss. If NASA will accept Elon’s help, they may find themselves in a far better position. If Jeff Bezos will actually get around to producing engines and such as promised, instead of lawsuits against his competition, we could see a new golden age of research and exploration in space, including private space stations that could eclipse the ISS in terms of capabilities. We would all benefit from true corporate competition in space.

It would appear that Russian troop movements are not necessarily tracking with their public statements on what they are doing. Big surprise. I’m also watching some of what is happening in Georgia, as they watch, learn, and evaluate in light of Ukraine’s efforts. The damage to Russia’s prestige and the myth of the Russian military are going to have ripple effects far and wide.

Kamil Galeev has part two of his take on three possible futures for Russia. It is a long read, but well worth it. There is a LOT of food for thought in it. Please do go read it.

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