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It is a quiet morning in many respects, but I also have miles to go and promises to keep this day. So, while it is quiet, I will answer a couple of questions.

Who do I follow or read regularly, particularly on Russia/Ukraine?

Instapundit, Vodka Pundit, Tent Telenko, Kamil Galeev are a good start. I’ve also found Legal Insurrection can have some interesting coverage as well. Sarah A. Hoyt has some interesting analysis as well.

What would I expect to see if Russia were to use nukes?

First, I would expect to see the massive cluster fuck that are current operations dealt with to some degree or another. It does no good to open holes if the troops aren’t able to take advantage of them. Though, at this point, use out of spite is not something I would put past Vladimir.

Second, expect to see some form of maskirova. Reportedly, dirty bomb materials allegedly disappeared from Chernobyl while the Russians controlled it. As I noted a few days ago, they have no need for such but what if those despicable Nazi Ukranian’s detonated a dirty bomb against brave Russian troops (cough, wheeze, sneeze, /sarc)? In the heat of combat, they might not use (much) maskirova. As things are now, they need at least a fig leaf of being the victim though few will buy it.

Oh, there are multiple reports that the Russian troops that were at Chernobyl have left because of radiation poisoning. If they were indeed told to dig in at the Red Forest, count on several hundred troops dead or so sick that they will likely never be fit for combat (or much of anything else) ever again.

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