Not A Lot To Add

There’s not a lot I can add to yesterday’s post and all the wonderful food for thought linked within. I will say that Biden’s ramblings at the NATO meeting were not helpful, and Vladimir has to be pretty confident he has little to nothing to fear no matter what he does.

I did have to laugh today at two things. First, the Russians have taken to kidnapping people, forcing them to make hostage videos saying they weren’t captured or kidnapped, but rescued and making them say thank you. That is just sad, and says quite loudly how bad the situation is for them. The second is that this was further reinforced by the announcement today that they have met their primary objective and now will focus on what they came for.

That has to be the biggest load of bullshit in a good while. I almost busted a gut laughing, as it’s like watching a cat screw up and try to do the “I meant to do that” routine. Moscow, and Putin, have to be steaming over how badly things have gone. Russia, and the Russian military, are now laughingstocks on the world stage, and for all they pretend otherwise, they know it and it is eating at them like acid.