Thank You For Your Continued Help And Support

Starting the fundraiser was not an easy choice to make. It is difficult to admit that help is needed, and continues to be needed. It is hard to ask others to do things for me, even though I literally can’t do some physical things that I did before the lightning strike and all that has happened. It is difficult to have the wisdom not to try to do some of the things I would like to do. So, I want to say thank you very much for the help with the fundraiser and all the prayers that have been offered up for me. I hope both continue.

As I noted the other day, the cost of hiring movers to move me — another of those things I literally can’t do myself this time — has doubled. There is a need to make deposits and take care of the utilities and other items where I’m headed. The actual move is going to eat up pretty much all of what is left on the fundraiser.

Meantime, we continue to work on the blood pressure issues. I’m not thrilled with the pace. I very much wish the cardiologist was a bit more aggressive, but at least we are moving forward on getting me down out of stroke range.

Yesterday, I got in to see my ENT doc and ended up getting a full audiology test. The results confirm I have lost the higher frequencies in my right ear, and that it is nerve damage. Now, if it was from the lightning strike, things previous, or a combination of things: your guess is probably about as good as anyone else’s. I suspect it is a combination and I do wish there was some way to turn down the ringing in my ears, particularly the right. While the right ear could benefit from a hearing aid, we are going to wait a year to do another test to have a good baseline for making that decision. Oh, and the sensation of one or both ears feeling as if they are full of wax, water, other? It is related to the hearing loss in both ears and I will get used to it at some point. Rah.

Still recovering from the diverticulitis flare, slowly getting back to a normal/new normal. There’s no way it could be related to the lightning strike, but the list of conditions that have popped up since being hit is far larger than I would like.

All of which makes for interesting times. I do well in the mornings once I get going. It takes longer than it did to get going. I can sustain moderate to normal activity for a fair bit, but by early afternoon I’m starting to fade a bit. The cardiologist was kind enough not to note that we don’t bounce back the same as we get older when I acknowledged that I’m doing well under the circumstances though not bouncing back as fast or far as I would like. As I noted before, it’s a bit rough to learn that some of the stun gun effects to the brain will take about three years to heal/shake out. It’s also rough to know that six months on from the surgery I still can’t do a fraction of what I used to do physically. I just have to keep pushing on all of it, and at some point I should get back close to where I was before the strike.

With your continued help and prayers, I will do that. Thank you again for your support, encouragement, and prayers. As always, if you don’t want to do GiveSendGo, you can hit the tip jar in the upper right as well.