Quick Thoughts On Ukraine/Putin

First, believe nothing you see, read, or hear, at least until it can be confirmed. The amount of propaganda coming out of all sides is staggering, and the quality of much of it is amazing. Impressive even. That said, if the story says anything about informed/anonymous sources, treat it as false until proven true. That goes for any subject, as history has shown most (if not all) such stories to be works of fiction. Sadly, more than a grain of salt is needed these days.

Second, I’m really wondering if politicians (particularly in the U.S.) are required to be as dumb as a box of rocks. Comments being made about Russia, Putin, etc. on both sides of the aisle show an incredible lack of knowledge about the man, the country, and the current situation. Some also show a lack of consideration of the old adage that loose lips sink ships. Others, like Mittens Romney, need to just shut up and go awaty.

Third, if you do want some very good insights to what is going on in Russia, and how things work/don’t work there, scroll down to the bottom of this story on Threadreader for a listing of all the writings by Kamil Galeev.

Fourth, if you need a reminder of just how vicious and unscrupulous Vladimir and his cronies are, go to this post at Instapundit and read all the linked stories. Keep in mind that a number of those killed were poisoned in very nasty ways both so they suffered tremendously and were very public advertisements of why you did NOT want to mess with Vladimir. That he regarded/regards them as personal traitors as well as traitors to the new “Russia World”/imperial Russia that he wants to create speaks volumes. To those who keep saying he wants to bring back the Soviet Union: No, he does not. He wants the territory of the old Soviet Union (plus a bit more), but with a new, better, Russian government. Remember, he regards the Communism of the old, and the old Communist Party to have been a poison to the Motherland that kept her from earning her true glory. Because, communism was not a Russian idea and therefore could never work in the Rodina.

Fifth, depending on who you talk to, Russia is 2/10/30/etc. days from running out of logistics. Men, machines, ammo, everything. For now, I’m leaning towards the point being within the next two weeks. Problem is, a lot can happen in that time. To both/all sides. As that point approaches, things are going to get dicey, as Vladimir’s desperation will increase. Desperate men do stupid and desperate things. Given that he was willing to kill his own people to seize power, and delights in horrible deaths for those he regards as traitors, there are no bets or options off the table. Anyone saying options are off the table is a fool. The only person taking options off the table in public is Biden, and he has choked on every military op he’s been involved with as a politician. Remember who it was who recommended aborting the mission to kill OBL? The only thing that scares me worse than Mr. Run Away making decisions about combat is someone on his team aware that he is weak and deciding that a strong and forceful position and/or action is needed… Think on in a minute.

Sixth, while I understand and can even sympathize a bit with some of the newer NATO members who remember being ruled by the USSR and want no part of the new Russia World, neither NATO or the U.S. need to be in the fight. There are zero reasons for our troops to be there. The Ukrainians? Hell yes. They have done an amazing job and I support them doing it. I support the idea of their neighbors and others arming/helping arm them. I wish we had started stocking them up last fall. But, send things, not people. And the newer NATO members need to stop trying to push things so that NATO does get involved.

Maybe more later today. Yesterday was the cardiologist and today is yet another doctor.

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