Two Weeks? Nah, Soon It Will Be Two Days

Conspiracy to reality went from two years to two weeks. Soon, it will be two days. Tucker lays out the latest.

Tried to get that to embed, couldn’t get it done so just linked it. Biolabs and bioweapons. Of course, the Russians know where several of the labs are since they were Soviet era labs. The others, well, that’s a different tale.

Editing to add this post by Glenn Greenwald. You really do want to read it.


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2 thoughts on “Two Weeks? Nah, Soon It Will Be Two Days”

  1. Interesting read lots of good links and info, nicely done.

    What I’m seeing is consistency over the past 30 years (not predictable because he actually understands that predictable is tactically and strategically stupid if you need to fight a war . He watched Joe and the European leader’s and saw nothing but weakness (Boris is a wildcard), from what I read it seems the serious planning for the op began about 4-5 month’s into joe’s term. Putin didn’t do it under Trump, they are both unpredictable and Putin was never a big risk taker in the past, but he’s a master of sowing discord and leveraging weakness.

    Our new foreign policy seems to be informing friends and foes alike exactly how we will respond in any situation, we even give ’em lists of things to which we won’t react. Pathetic.

    I could be totally off base but that explanation seems consistent with the facts as we currently understand them. Comment?

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