An Update On Beating The Stun Gun

I thought I would share a bit of what I learned on Monday. First up, the good news. If I were going to manifest some of the truly bad problems like not remembering how to do things, or being unable to learn new things, it should already be manifesting. As far as we can tell, it isn’t. To say that hearing that was a relief is an understatement.

While there is no physical damage from the hit (lesions, fractures, etc.) and no pre-existing damage (same plus tumors and such), some of the data and operations have taken a hit. It seems focused in one area, and while I still clock out above average in most areas, we can see the impact in this one area in the data and in real life. I’ve been told that it will probably be about three years before the brain heals.

Meantime, they are putting together a treatment plan to submit to the insurance company and I have the start of some ways to cope with the damage to the particular area of operations. I also have some things I can be doing to hopefully get a head start on the treatment. Between that and some of the physical issues that come from what happened and the open-heart surgery, I’m having to accept that I can’t do everything I used to do. Annoying. Parts of my mind tell me I’m still 20 and can do everything I used to do at 20. The rest of my mind and my body just laugh and laugh and laugh…

So, while not perfect things are a heck of a lot better than they could be. I’m thankful the worst is ruled out and that things will get better with time and effort. Now to get started on that effort


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