It Is Past Time To Make Lists

I really wanted to post this a few weeks ago, but life seemed determined to keep me offline. Perhaps it is well, for instead of a single list, I want to talk a bit about the lists we need for what is to come.

First, make a note of those who support violent responses to peaceful protest. From the RCMP who bragged openly about wanting to bash heads and trample people simply for disagreeing with the government, to those here in the US — particularly those in law enforcement — who agreed with them. Make a note of those not in LE who did so. Most of all, be sure to make a note of your “friends” and family who did so.

Then, cut those people out of your life. Family or other politics may make it where you have to stay “friends” with them, but they no longer need access to your home or to have the first clue about plans, vacation destinations or bug out plans. If push comes to shove, yes, you should be ready to do unto them before they can do unto you, because trust me, they will cheerfully do unto you just as fast as they would a stranger. You are no longer real, but othered. Accept it, plan for it, move on.

Look for those with whom you share common bonds, and who aren’t going all fascist. Make a list. These are people who can be of mutual assistance later.

Then, make a list of the things you need to survive (and survive with comfort is even better). Those you don’t have, start getting. Make a list based on priorities, and work your way down it as you can. It’s going to be getting harder and harder as we blast into record prices, inflation, and recession if not depression.

Make those lists, and be prepared to implement them.

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