Trying To Beat The Stun Gun

When you are hit by lightning, one of the best descriptors I’ve come across (or created, not sure) is that God’s own stun gun has been fired into the motherboard of your computer. Any time you fire a stun gun into the motherboard of any computer, the results are rarely good. When you fire it into the motherboard of the currently most complex bio-electric computer in the known universe — the human brain — it can get quite problematic.

Knowing this, I pushed hard for a referral for cognitive testing. The problem was, it was booked so solid in this area that I was unable to get it until January. That said, I did go in and spend a day letting them poke and prod (figuratively) my mind and how it was operating. We had already established there was no pre-existing or current physical damage from the strike itself (at least on a gross level). Now it was time to see how the operations were going. Especially as there have been some issues.

For me, once the initial concussive effects faded, I have had some brain farts and problems remembering names among other things. It’s frustrating when I can see someone clear as day in my memories, and can’t pull their name to save my life. The brain farts have not been bad, more annoying, but are a concern. As are some of the long-term effects in survivors that can strike immediately or within a year or so: some people lose the ability to learn new things; some lose the ability to do things they’ve done for years; and, others do have personality and other changes. Really bad news from the neurologist was there is little or nothing you can do to prevent that (at least in his opinion, which also including not bothering to get up off his fat ass to try prevention).

So, I waited and actually on some levels enjoyed my day of testing. Parts of it were, on some level, fun; and, it did force me to stretch my mind a bit as it were. That said, I did get a laugh when the doc and I went over the results. Basically, based on my history and known conditions, the data tracked; based on my having had open-heart surgery, which does effect the brain and other organs, the data tracked; and, when it came to being hit by lightning, no one has a clue if the data tracks because there is essentially zero literature available. Some, but not much.

The good news is, I still clock out good (above average) in several areas, and did okay on most of the rest. The doc’s suggestion is that in two years we redo the testing to see if we can establish a baseline (and maybe generate something for the literature). If problems start before then, move things up.

That said, unlike the neurologist, she believes in being proactive. So, today I go in for some therapy to see if we can improve the areas where we know there are issues and slipping. Can’t hurt, might help, and so far the insurance is good with it, so why not. If we can do things that will get in and possibly get ahead of things, I’m all for it.

I’m putting off heading out early on errands to try to get things dried out here, and to see if a package arrives before I leave. Sadly, having to guard my room from the cats, who don’t care that I’m allergic and keep trying to get in and make themselves at home. Need the door open as I have two fans running to try to help with the water.

More to come, I may put up a post later today that I wanted to get up a week ago. Meantime:

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