Thoughts, Thoughts On Prayer, And An Update

Today, rather than deal with the world, I’m working on just dealing with myself and my world. Trying to get caught up after this latest medical issue, and that is not going quite as well as I would like.

Assuming it really is diverticulitis, I’m trying to figure out what that means for me going forward. Yes, I am having my GP check the diagnosis. It’s not that I don’t trust doctors, but I also know they are human and it is up to the patient to dig in, follow-up, and ride herd as needed. Despite what many of them seem to think, doctors are not God, nor gods. It pays to be an informed, consenting patient and if any doctor won’t give you the information you need for consent, get a new doctor. Again, if it is, no clue what set it off which is problematic to be polite. Also, the lists of things I should avoid appear to be mutually contradictory as one group says lots of fiber, etc. and another group says to avoid it like the plague. All I know is that I don’t want to go through this again so I’m exploring a bit cautiously in some respects.

I also want to thank all who have offered prayers for me. If I may share a bit, I would note that I do not pray for a particular outcome for myself or for others. It strikes me a a bit presumptuous to try to tell God what to do. God sees all areas of time and space, knows all, and otherwise has the knowledge and wisdom that go with the omnipotent and omniscient aspects of being God. God knows far better what is right for me as God can see outcomes and times yet to come. Also, praying for an outcome can be limiting.

To use a musical example, I could pray for a Mercedes because all my friends have something else. The response may very well be along the lines of ‘Well, I was going to give you a Lamborghini, but if this is what you really want…’ Place not limits on the Lord. Instead, open up the options. My standard prayer is along the lines of “let that which is right be” so that God can do what’s best and show me the right path.

Trying to get back to regular posting, but probably nothing will go up tomorrow. I try to make Sunday a literal day of rest and relaxation. If something major pops up, well, we will see but I hope to rest and recharge.

In terms of the fundraiser and move, I really do appreciate all the help and will explain a bit about what is needed and why. The trip out West drove home to me that I can’t move myself at this time. Most previous moves I’ve loaded up a truck and taken care of things. After the surgery, and with the arthritis kicking it up a notch, and all else going on, I had trouble getting the big suitcase in the car, much less trying to deal with anything else heavy. Unfortunately, the costs of professional movers is continuing to rise with the costs of fuel and hiring. Right now, I’m just hoping $3k comes close. I’m actually having to budget closer to $4k right now.

Funds are also needed to cover the costs of getting a place to live. I can’t buy at this time, but will have to rent. That comes with costs not limited to security deposits, utility deposits, application fees, plus the actual rent itself. To add to the fun, the car needs a bit more work so I’m having to budget for that as well. Part of me would love to win enough in the lottery to just buy a camper and live in it a while… Meantime, I’m having to budget about $5k given that there is a difference in the costs of living between locations and between here and there.

Also, I’m investing a bit in period clothing. I’ve been offered a job that requires dressing in 1880s clothing. So, I’m checking out what it would take to do it right, do it to get by, and otherwise exploring period clothing.

I also still have to pay my current bills, and I am no longer employed. With the BP still up in stroke range, it makes things most interesting. I left my former employer on very good terms, to the point that if I get out West and want to work at one of their other stores, I am to put in my application and have them call the location where I worked. I will miss what I did, but it is time to move on.

I really need to get on out there as soon as possible. To that end, feel free to hit the tip jar in the upper right or do the fundraiser at A New Life on GiveSendGo. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and for all the help and prayers that have been offered. Please know they are very much appreciated.