Well, I’m Typing

I think that may be the most I’m willing to commit to at this time, given that every time I say I’m still alive and/or doing well it seems to be taken as a bit of a challenge. I don’t want the following to come across as sacrilegious, but: I know God does not give us more than we can handle, but Lord, I am not even close to being the badass you seem to think I’m capable of being.

In the latest out-of-the-blue health issue, I’m now recovering from what I am told is a diverticulitis flare. The last two colonoscopies (the botched one a few years ago, and the great one two years ago) had no mention of diverticulitis that I remember. So, imagine my surprise at finding myself in the local ER (again) with what I thought was a blockage but the CT scan says was diverticulitis. Need to do more research on the condition, but the one thing I can tell you is it taught me some new meanings for pain.

That said, I am now back on solid food after several days of stock and broth. Still weaker than I care for, as running some minor errands yesterday wiped me out. It doesn’t take much to wipe me out right now.

I’m slowly getting used to the new computer. Not thrilled with some of what I regard as “fancying” things up. From two-stage pressure pads to some software “upgrades” that I regard as less than helpful, it makes for a system that looks great but has no real consideration for real-world production users. Also, having to teach several new autocorrect features my words and basic style (Oxford comma!) is a bit of a pita. So, if you see spelling or other issues, some of them are us fighting and you can be sure that I did NOT say anything about mother truckers at any point.

There is a guest post I hope to get up later, and I have a number of thoughts to share about Vladimir and the Ukraine. I’m also hoping to talk more on practical preparedness as my recent trip to the SW and the weekend of pain exposed some shortcomings as well as helping showcase why I do some things.

No, wait, to say more soon might be seen as a challenge. Instead, think I will just go with mischief managed! Seems safer.

One thought on “Well, I’m Typing”

  1. They say they do not know WHY diverticulitis happens (used to be a theory about nuts and seeds and corn in any form), but my first episode happened a couple of weeks AFTER my colonoscopy. It is the only pain that made me squeal out loud – alarming my husband. I had to take off two weeks and DID NOT seek medical care because I am pretty smart (prior surgical technician and endoscopy technician.) I heard if one takes an antibiotic it heals more quickly but that seemed paradoxical to me and after my clear liquid days, I upped my kefir, Greek yogurt and added a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut (which is a fermented vegetable) in the evening and a 40 billion probiotics capsules, which I quickly learned, due to excessive gas, to mix in a cup of water and take a Tbsp. or two throughout the day (stored in fridge). Some further investigation said 60-something % of intestinal pain cases were corona virus and were being missed. I was NOT about to be tested so I took care of myself and did not treat the low-grade fever with any fever reducers. It took a couple of weeks after the couple of weeks of intense pain to feel completely better. I am convinced I either picked up the COVID virus (no head or chest symptoms) at the endoscopy center OR they had a contaminated scope OR the vicious colon cleanse wiped out the colonies of flora in my gut. We will never know.

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