Update: Good, Mixed, WTF?

I like to start with the good, and the good news is that the fundraiser got off to a great start courtesy of an anonymous donor. Now, if more donations come in, things can get moving. Yes, a pun, couldn’t resist. Why a fundraiser? Here’s the post launching it that lays out what isn’t covered at the fundraiser itself. Again, if you don’t want to use the fundraising site but do want to help, hit the tipjar at the top of the page. All prayers appreciated.

On the mixed front, there may have been something good happen — but there’s no record of it. As I noted before, the insurance company denied all claims related to the ER and surgery. In short, the hospital filed the proper paperwork, but sent it to the wrong fax number. The next morning, the error was caught and corrected. However, it was the next morning and that broke the time limit they had to file. So, the insurance refused to cover anything. There are appeals in work, and I’m getting ready to file some appeals myself. However, the billing office of the one doctor who has billed me directly (so far) reports that they have been paid. Only problem is, I can’t find any record of it at the insurance company. Calling their customer disservice is useless 99 percent of the time, so wondering if they just haven’t updated things or just what is going on. Be nice to know before I file any appeals that may not be needed.

My WTF moment this week came from my visit to the Nurse Practitioner at the cardiologists office. As always, a ECG was run and glancing at part of it I thought it was off but didn’t get a good look and the NP didn’t say anything about it. She did talk to me about wearing a monitor for a few weeks, and if there was no afib, I could come off one of the meds I’m taking. That would be good. However, I do get all test results electronically and I’m thankful as the ECG was indeed abnormal and is likely the real reason for the monitor. I consider that a lie of ommission, and am not happy about it at all. At the same time, just hoping that this doesn’t indicate other problems that could keep me from returning to work/being able to work. Especially as we still have not gotten the BP back under control after it spiked when I started cardiac rehab.

That’s the week so far. Hope all of you are having a good one. So far so good on my goal of not getting hit by lightning again this year.