A New Life

As I wrote the other day, it is time to make some changes. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to start anew as it were. It is not, however, without its challenges.

There were delays getting me into cardiac rehab, which in turn has impacted other things including my return to work. It will now be February before I can do that (we hope). I am slowly getting strength back, but stamina can still be an issue.

Rather than just try to get by until February, some friends have encouraged me to do a fundraiser and go for what will get me moved to the desert Southwest and make a truly fresh start in an area that will be much better for my health. So, I’ve started A New Life fundraiser on GiveSendGo to raise money to do three basic things:

One: Cover my basic expenses while I remain out of work;

Two: Cover the cost of traveling to the SW to follow-up on employment opportunities, determine which area is the best option for now; and, secure a place to live there;

Three: Cover the expenses of moving there, as I will not be able to lift, tote, or otherwise do the normal things of moving myself.

As of right now, I’ve exhausted my financial resources. With this fundraiser, I can use the time I know I will be out of work to take care of the things needed to start my life over again on the best possible footing, and to be prepared for being out of work longer than expected. It’s sort of the way things have been running.

The fundraiser has more details on what led me to this point, from decisions I made to little things like getting hit by lightning and needing open heart surgery. I will share that I’ve been looking hard at West Texas, South Central New Mexico, and Southern Arizona. Originally, I was looking hardest at West Texas but for some odd reason I’ve had to start factoring medical into the search on a much larger basis, both cardiac and for things related to potential long-term issues from the lightning strike. While I hope to avoid such, better to plan for them now than try to deal with them later. It has changed my focus a bit, as an area in the search zone really popped for medical. I need to check it out, and follow-up on some potential opportunities.

So, to get into what I would like to have happen. First, get the immediate bills covered. If you want to help with that, but are leary of the fundraiser, feel free to hit the tip jar in the upper right. Second, I need to travel out to the locations under consideration; follow-up on some opportunities and explore some new possibilities; and, if things click as hoped, secure lodging so I can move out there. I’m going to have to rent a car for the trip as my vehicle is not up to doing much more than getting me around town, and I’m scared it may stop doing that…

If all goes as hoped, I want to come back, hire a mover, and head out as fast as I can do so. Part of me hates the idea of having to hire a mover, but if I try to load a truck and drive it, a number of friends have indicated they would hurt me. At this point in my recovery, trying to do that would hurt me as well. I’m going to have to be wearing a monitor for 2-3 weeks here soon as it is, no need to give them something too interesting to watch.

I hate having to ask for (more) help. The overwhelming generosity of three months ago has gotten me this far; but, along with my savings and other funds, it is gone. So, I’m asking for prayers, and for the help that will help me get to where I need to be to make the most of this new life and the opportunity it presents. As I said above, you can feel free to hit the tip jar if you are more comfortable with that, or you can donate through the campaign and read a bit about what led to this point. Yes, I am asking for a good bit, but I’ve tried to ensure realistic amounts (in some cases worst-case amounts) so that there are as few unpleasant surprises as possible. The idea is to have as solid a foundation in place as possible, so I can concentrate on standing back up as rapidly as possible.

Thank you for your time, and for reading both here and at the fundraiser. I hope you may help with the immediate and with trying to build a truly new life. As always, prayers are very much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “A New Life”

  1. Chipped in $25.

    So far as the medical, I don’t know about West Texas, but the Tucson area has world class cardiac care.

    So far as social / political sanity goes, probably West Texas has the advantage over my corner of the world.

    I would heartily disrecommend New Mexico – any part of it.

    1. Noted, and appreciated! All the more reason I want to get out there and check some things out. The comment and the donation are both appreciated very much.

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