An Update

Sorry for the lack of posting, but it has been interesting. Some good, some, well…

On the good news front, I’m continuing to heal well and fairly rapidly. I’ve been remarkably pain free, and a good bit of that is because of the metal plates put in on my breastbone. They prevent a lot of movement and stress, which eliminates pain. There was a paperwork hangup with cardiac rehab, but we finally got that cleared and I did my first week of rehab last week. Going well, though slower than I would like. Of course. Days I’m not doing rehab, I’m going to a mall and walking before it opens. Accidentally got there after opening one day, won’t make that mistake again.

On the so-so front, blood pressure issues have returned along with a few odd sensations that we are monitoring. Want to get out in front of this to prevent any issues, and to avoid what happened the last time the BP did funny.

On the not-so-good front, my insurance company has just sent my BP through the roof. Last week, I called and spoke with a knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly representative about cardiac rehab and coverage of same. They had not received something they needed, so per her instructions I reached out to the doctor and then called back this week. The rep had put a note in the system on the issue that should have made things go smoothly. Sadly, I tend to get the good reps only about a quarter of the time, and this morning I hit the far more typical unhelpful, unfriendly, uninterested in doing anything. Apparently could not be bothered to read the note, told me that the rehab people would need to call them, and made clear that they could not and would not be bothered to actually provide help. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, was told that none were on the floor. When I pushed, was informed that if I gave her my name and number (both of which she already had) that a supervisor would call me “at their earliest convenience.” Now, add to this that I also found out that the have denied all claims related to the ER visit, the heart cath, and the open heart surgery because apparently there was no prior authorization before I went to the ER (and maybe I was supposed to call before each of the urgent/emergency procedures???). Very tempted that if I keep getting the run-around, will share the name of the company and anything else I can here. Figure if I’m going to be put on the hook for app. $350,000.00, that I should share the comedy gold that is trying to get customer service out of these people.

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  1. Its so good to hear from you. I hope things get squared away with your insurance. Merry Christmas!

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