An Unexpected Development

Things got interesting this weekend, and Monday nearly saw me sent to the ER as a result. Wednesday morning, the cardiologist’s office did send me to the ER, and I was admitted. Spent last night in ER, then had a heart cath this morning. Unfortunately, they found some things that they could not fix. So, at app. 0700 tomorrow morning, I will have open heart surgery.

On one level, I am not looking foward to it. On another, I am really hoping they can get in, fix all the problems (which now includes pretty bad a-fib), so I can move back out on life. It will be rough, but… I’m annoyed that the new issues may impact all the other treatments, as I think I finally have gotten the logjam on TBI therapy busted up a bit. We will see.

By the way, if you aren’t reading Sarah A. Hoyt at her site or at Instapundit, you are truly missing some good reads. Her comment on my previous post is one I needed, and should be read by anyone having concussive or TBI issues. I can’t say how much I thank her for that comment, as it does mean a great deal to me.

I hope to be back to updating my journey soon, and sadly I will have the time as I will be off work for at least six weeks, and potentially up to three months. Hoping for the former, but years back learned that pushing too hard would set you back even worse. Going to try to do this right.

Be kind to each other, look after each other, and no mercy to those who despise liberty and individual rights. It is a beautiful world, enjoy it. See you in a few days I hope.

EDIT: As always, prayers very much appreciated. Feel free to hit the tip jar if you like.

7 thoughts on “An Unexpected Development”

  1. Open heart surgery is pretty rough – I had a heart attack and the bypass surgery last year when everyone was COVID nuts. Not the best time for anything. I hope your surgery goes as it should and that you are patient – it took me almost a year to feel like myself again.

  2. Prayers for a fully and speedy recovery. My open heart surgery was 8 years ago and it is amazing how much better you will feel with proper heart function a week after surgery. Do the rehab they schedule because it will speed your recovery time and find any remaining limitations you might have.

  3. Have faith and remember that your mental state of mind will help with healing. The mind is in charge and the body will do whatever your mind tells it to do. Be strong, for you are.

  4. LW,

    That’s tough, but look at it this way. A lot of people with the problems you have don’t find out about how serious those problems are until they unexpectedly find themselves having a nice little chat with St. Peter. At least you found them out before they cashed your check, so now you can get fixed up and live an even better life for your remaining years. It’s not going to be easy for a while, but on the other side of this hurdle, you’ll be glad you got this sorted. Best of luck!

  5. I’m here because of Sarah’s post over at Instapundit, and I want to offer my heartfelt prayers to God for your wellbeing during this severe trial.

    Nothing I know to be true about the purpose of trials making us stronger/better/more able to fulfill God’s will in the world and make it a better place seem appropriate. If I were there I’d be with you holding your hand, praying at your bedside, bringing you homemade chicken soup (for which I am famous in my own mind.)

    Since I’m not there, I’ll pray and hurl some cash your way.

    Let people know what you need and your friends will figure out the rest.

    Blessings, friend I’ve never met. Look up. “If you can look up, you can get up.”

  6. Sara Hoyt linked you and I’m very glad she did. My mom had open heart surgery (triple bypass and a valve replacement) a few years ago. It took about three months for her to fully heal (tho she’s in her 70s, you could heal sooner) but it makes a world of difference. As for the TBI – my husband and I are both Iraq vets; we still live near Fort Hood, he actually still works on post. We’re blessed we’re not dependent on the VA for healthcare, but one thing they *are* good at is TBI. I’m assuming you’re not eligible for care there, but if you can connect online or IRL with a vets TBI group they may have some good advice for you. Or they can at least commiserate, sometimes that’s just as important. Threw a tiny bit of loot your way. I know it’s not much but I hope it and the deep and sincere prayers help

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